Temp-to-Hire Positions are Not as Risky as You Might Think

Are temp-to-hire positions more risky because they are not “permanent” positions to start? Not necessarily. Think about it as a probationary period. After all, permanent positions are not necessarily “permanent” are they? Companies usually have a probationary period that lasts about 90 days (and benefits are not always available until [...]

2021-12-29T20:36:00+00:00July 31st, 2021|Job Search, Staffing|

Employee Responsibilities

Everybody complains about the lack of responsibility that “other people” seem to lack but are you one of the culprits? Maybe your lack of responsibility is impeding your career growth or maybe giving you a less than good image at work. You may have good skills and may do a [...]

2021-12-29T20:38:42+00:00October 13th, 2020|Job Search, Staffing, Work Relationships|

Sleep and Your Career: Strategies for Success

On World Sleep Day, we take a few moments to consider the relationship of sleep and your career, job performance, or success in job-hunting. Technology and the demands of family, partner relationships and other factors pull us in competing directions. According to a recent study by the Philips Corporation, Americans [...]

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Why do some positions acquired through staffing agencies fall through?

The staffing agency calls and connects you with a great assignment. It may be a long-term assignment with the potential for a full-time opportunity! You excitedly take the position, you love the work/environment and everything seems to be going smoothly…until the staffing agency calls and delivers the bad news. Unfortunately, [...]

2021-04-18T18:52:34+00:00May 17th, 2018|Job Search, Staffing, Temporary Positions|
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