You have been promoted and now have become a manager. Congratulations!  However, do you really have the skills to be a manager or do you think the only difference with the new position will be regarding work output? People may be very successful doing their jobs but that does not necessarily mean they will be good managers.

Hire Standard Staffing Goog ManagerIt is very different entering into the world of management. You are now in a position of leadership and that comes with a lot of different responsibilities. You are responsible not only with work output but also managing people. A manager has to make sure the work is completed but has to have the interpersonal skills to make sure the team is successful. That is never easy. People have a lot of different personalities, work ethics, skills/talents and issues. And remember, you are not there to be everybody’s “friend”. This is not a popularity contest. The team you are overseeing needs to know you are a strong leader that can support them. If you cannot communicate well, are not a good listener, not a problem solver, cannot delegate, have an ego problem and are not willing to work harder than everybody else, management may not be right for you. Sure, the title sounds great and the promotion will give you certain perks. However, are you willing to bear the added workload and responsibilities? You not only have to manage a team but now have to answer to the higher-ups as well. You are no longer just an employee anymore.

Before you aim for that management position, make sure you double check the reasons why you want it. If you like working with people, are ready to be the “go to” person for everything, do not have an issue with disciplining when necessary, giving constructive criticism, etc. you may just have what it takes to go to the next level. And sometimes, managers have to handle more “big picture” issues. You may not be able to work on things you really enjoyed doing before. You may have to review projects and steer the team in the right direction, rather than actually working on the projects themselves. The “hands-on” opportunities may not be readily available anymore.

Management entails a lot more than just doing the job well. It is very people oriented and big picture driven. If you believe your skills and talents would be well served in a management role, begin honing your skills now. Prepare for the role you want by taking management courses, observing managers that are successful and those you respect, ask trustworthy older and more experienced colleagues for advice (this may be within your workplace or through other connections outside of work), work to strengthen areas where you are weak and start to build a reputation that will garner respect from your co-workers. Remember, not everybody is suited to be a manager. You may want to think twice if your personality, skills and work style do not really align with the role. Just because you want the job does not necessarily mean you will be a good fit. Being a good and successful manager means more than just about holding a title.

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