Real, Genuine,

Hire Standard's staff, candidates, and clients live, work, and play locally. Hire Standard proudly recruits on behalf of clients known to be among the best places in Charlotte, NC and Chevy Chase, MD to work and grow. We represent real people whose talents, accomplishments, and technical abilities will enhance client focus and goals.

Able to Move Quickly
and Easily on your Behalf

We blend technology, experience, and judgment to make perfect matches. Clients recognize our unique ability to identify both tangible skills and intangible assets. We collaborate with all parties to craft unique employment solutions responsive to evolving situations.

Hire Standard's Technical
Skill Assessments

Our technical skills assessments and background investigations exceed client expectations. Employment verifications don't go far enough. We "drill down' to eliminate inconsistencies, uncover candidate motivation and behavior. Our interactions with clients and candidates blend technology, experience, and judgment - resulting in 98.5% approval ratings.