The look of being Pulled Together at Work is important and does not have to cost a lot of money.

Our output at work is important, our work ethics, commitment, adaptability, and we take a lot of care to make sure our presentations look great but what about how you present yourself? It is  amazing people take the time to look nice for dinners, weddings, dates, etc. but do not [...]

Cliques and the Workplace

We all have the freedom to choose our friends. It is natural for people to get along with some and not really “click” with others. We all interact with individuals/groups and make connections, which is a normal part of life. We share close bonds with some and others we call [...]

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Staffing agencies cannot guarantee a job BUT they can be another source in your search for employment.

There are many avenues that can help broaden your chances for landing a new opportunity, sending out resumes, networking and of course, registering with a staffing agency. There is a popular misconception that staffing agencies “find” people work. Well, staffing agencies can be another possible avenue to find a job [...]

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