The staffing agency calls and connects you with a great assignment. It may be a long-term assignment with the potential for a full-time opportunity! You excitedly take the position, you love the work/environment and everything seems to be going smoothly…until the staffing agency calls and delivers the bad news. Unfortunately, the position is going to come to an end and the client is not going to make a full-time hire, after all. As disappointing as the situation might be, it does happen and the fault does not always lie with the staffing agency.

When clients approach staffing agencies, they have a list of requirements for an opening on their staff. That is the first hurdle the staffing agency has to work through. Second, it is the client’s budgetary constraints that may either prohibit a hire or make a hire possible. Third, the clients may have had every intention of making a hire but internal situations may change, making a hire no longer possible including, a promotion that would have made the position vacant may not go as planned, higher-ups may decide to absorb the position into another one, communication between the higher-ups and the hiring manager may not have been clear or the higher-ups may decide to change direction, etc. The staffing agency does their best to do a thorough job before placing a candidate and please keep in mind, it is in the staffing agency’s best interest to make a placement. Agencies do all they can to cover all of the bases but sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise where even the contact that called is no longer in control. When a position falls through, it is not just the candidate that has lost an opportunity, the staffing agency has lost as well. Candidates tend to forget that part and tend to treat the staffing agency as if they could care less. The bottom line is that both staffing agencies and candidates are out there to make the most of opportunities and if things work out, it is a lucrative opportunity for all.