So, you have registered with a staffing agency and now have been assigned to work in a temporary position. All you have to do is get the job done, right? Temporary assignments may not be permanent opportunities, however, your responsibilities as a worker should not diminish because of it. It should be common sense but responsibilities are just that, responsibilities. And no matter the position, it should be in your best interest to perform well.

Temporary assignments may not be your ideal situation but it does give you income, a place to use your skills and hopefully, build your skills/resume to be able to secure a more permanent position. Sometimes, temporary assignments may not lead to a more permanent role and may just offer short-term assignments. However, you are building a history and good rapport with your staffing agency. The more valuable you are as a reliable/good worker, the more work will probably come your way. You would more likely be considered for other opportunities and in some cases, the temporary assignment may be extended or could become a full-time opportunity. Treat it like a full-time job, dress appropriately for the role, arrive on time ready to work, do not spend time browsing the internet or using your phone on company time, communicate well with the supervisor, do not take excessive days off and if concerns arise, contact your staffing agency for direction.

Remember, if you do not handle temporary assignments responsibly, you could be terminated not only from the assignment but from the agency as well. The same rules apply as permanent positions. Why would it not? Clients/companies need professional candidates to handle various tasks and whether full time or not, work has to be completed. No matter the position, handle it well to build your skills and resume. Depending upon what happens, you may actually secure a position on your own. If so, give the proper notice and leave on good terms with the staffing agency. You never know when you will need to work with them again. Temporary position or not, always handle things professionally.