The Intersection of HR and Artificial Intelligence

Algorithm-powered devices (Artificial Intelligence/ AI) are being successfully used in numerous business applications, but what about HUMAN RESOURCES? Intelligent Assistants or “chatbots” simulate human conversation for recruiting and HR-related transactions and are being harnessed by numerous companies with mixed results. In a recent survey of 400 Chief Human Resources Officers [...]

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Cultural “Fit”: The Holy Grail of Hiring

Cultural “fit” is often described as the single most critical predictor of success in hiring. In a recent survey, 54% of professionals indicated they had been misled about a company’s culture during their interviews. And, in a related survey of 1,800 former employees, 64% said they left former employers due [...]

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Hire Right! Hire Standard’s Best Hiring Practices

How can you (the hiring company and future employer) increase your odds of making a successful hire? There are so many considerations, combined with the pressure to fill a vacancy that companies risk-making decisions that can backfire. We suggest reviewing these guidelines for improvement. ESTABLISH A HIRING SYSTEM AND STICK [...]

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Want Your Employees to Quit? Keep Doing This!

The US Department of Labor reports that over two million Americans leave their jobs every month. Alan Hall of Forbes states that over 30 percent of employees who look for alternative employment do so because they dislike their boss, feel a lack of empowerment, dislike the internal politics, or feel [...]

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Evaluating New Recruiting Ideas

Job boards, such as Monster and CareerBuilder, have been losing popularity. PBS News reported that, in 2012, Monster was the source of only 1.3 percent of hires, and CareerBuilder was the source of only 1.2 percent of hires, according to employers. Companies are frustrated with the time-consuming and inefficient screening [...]

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