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Finding the right personnel to fill your company’s open positions can often be quite challenging. Thankfully, at Hire Standard Staffing, we are here to help. Our professional recruiting contractors in the Washington, DC area, are prepared to help you find the staff you need for your property management company or other types of business. We provide our services throughout Washington, DC metropolitan area, and are always prepared to offer you the staffing and recruiting solutions your need.

Our team has more than 30 years of experience working in this industry and have the skills needed to easily find the right candidates to fill out your open jobs. Contact us to learn more about the recruiting services we have to offer or to discuss the positions you currently have available at your company.

Meeting Our Clients’ Needs

At our company, we take pride in always delivering top-tier staffing solutions to meet all of our clients’ recruitment needs. We Work diligently to connect you with candidates that have the skills needed to fill your company’s missing roles. So when you are looking for help with staff recruitment, trust Hire Standard Staffing to provide you with the support you need.

See What Our Clients are Saying

Temp to Hire StaffingIt has been a pleasure working with Helen and her team at Hire Standard. Whereas some staffing agencies have the approach “to throw anything and see if it sticks,” Hire Standard really takes the time to understand the position and company culture. The candidates they provided for several challenging positions fit the criteria we were looking for and had professional demeanors in addition to strong technical skills and references. If I had any questions regarding a candidate’s background, Hire Standard’s recruiters would provide a thorough overview of why they thought the candidate was a good fit. In addition, they were very patient, especially when we changed our hiring approach several times. Hire Standard will be the first agency I call when we have our next staffing need.

Mary Anne, Client

Temp to Hire StaffingThanks, Helen and everyone at Hire Standard. You guys are quick! It’s a pleasure working with professionals who are so responsive. I never have to tell a manager that we are waiting to hear back from you. You make our job in HR a lot easier. Keep up the good work.

Carrie, Client
Property Management

Temp to Hire StaffingHi Helen, Nice speaking with you the other day. Just wanted to let you know I had a great experience with Tamica. She’s very calm, professional, and caring, and most importantly, got things done.

Sophie, Client
Senior Manager, Global Health Company

Temp to Hire StaffingThanks for all your advice and support — you’ve made a huge difference. Your targeted referrals, insights into each candidate’s personality, and timely reference and skill test results really help smooth the way when we are under intense pressure. I believe that we’ve finally turned the corner on our recruitment efforts. We are now ready to hand over our next search to Hire Standard. It is a particularly challenging position in our Finance area, and we look forward to working with you on it.

Carmen, Client
Membership Association

Temp to Hire Staffing I am so happy that you decided to start handling our property temp orders because there aren’t many companies out there that I have found who are as thorough as Hire Standard. I can’t use the company we used to work with anymore because so many of our properties are not Metro-accessible and require the temp to have their own transportation. Your recruiters always come up with talented, dependable temps who can drive to our properties, regardless of the location. Also, as you can see, we often reassign temps to different properties, so temps who can only commute to one place no longer work for us. Thanks also for completing the criminal background checks before sending them to us. It makes my life so much easier when I know I can always count on you.

Susan, Client
Property Management

Temp to Hire Staffing Hire Standard is not your usual recruiting or placement firm. They make an extra effort to really understand your organization’s needs and culture, and to identify candidates who will be just the right “fit”. They really take the time to understand their candidates and to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We have hired two of our best employees through Hire Standard. As much as I hate paying a placement fee, I can truly say that it was worth it in Hire Standard’s case. Helen Hopkins is a delight to work with in every way – honest, fair, and extremely competent.

Julie, Client
Non-Profit Firm, DC

Temporary Staffing Hire Standard is an exceptional agency in this field; your attention to your applicants, your integrity and honesty in all your dealings is impressive and rare. I have had nothing but excellent feedback on you from the companies where you placed me in temporary positions.

Annette V., Candidate

Temp to Hire Staffing As we discussed by phone, Katherine has been doing a superb job for us. She is very flexible with the demands placed upon her in this position, and has even been willing to come in on weekends to monitor specific events and ensure they went off without a hitch. She has a wonderful personality and disposition, which have been well-received by our staff and visitors. She works efficiently and without constant prompting. Being such a self-starter with a “get the job done” personality has been invaluable to our team. We are very happy with the selection that Hire Standard has made for us.

Shana, Client

Temp to Hire Staffing Hire Standard goes the extra mile in finding the right candidates. They look at the qualifications and experience of the candidates like any other agency but what makes them different is that they also focus on the candidates’ work ethic, discipline, and drive and then see if that fits well within the company.

Paulette G., Client
Financial Services Firm

Staffing I want to thank you and the team at Hire Standard Staffing for providing such outstanding temporary staffing support to [our company] over these past few months. You provided me with a very qualified list of candidates and I was extremely pleased with my selection…I have also been very satisfied with the very efficient hiring and staffing policies used by Hire Standard Staffing… Your electronic time sheets and billing process were very helpful and easy to use. You were always available to answer any questions I had regarding [my candidate’s] employment, and I appreciate your personal attention to our needs during this time.

Again, thank you for your outstanding support in providing temporary administrative services.

Tracy M., Client
Health Care Company, VA

StaffingThis is to offer my sincere appreciation for identifying the position and negotiating my compensation package. A three-day temporary assignment through your company culminated in a permanent job offer which I recently accepted. The job is interesting and challenging and I am very happy here.

In an atrocious job market, irrespective of experience and great references, Hire Standard was able open doors and give me the opportunity to interview at and/or demonstrate my abilities at some of D.C.’s most prestigious companies and nonprofits. Your staff was very professional and I was thoroughly briefed in advance of interviews or assignments. While I was working with your company to identify a good job, your concern for the client to place a qualified candidate who meshed well with the supervisor was of primary importance.

After twenty years of working with you, when I needed to make a change in a very challenging workplace, you were able to deliver; I can never adequately thank you for doing so.

June C., Candidate

StaffingHire Standard Staffing takes great care to match the right candidates to the needs of the employer, and what’s more, they take great care to be sure that the job is something the candidate is really interested in as well. Result – no time wasted on interviewing unqualified candidates and most important, great hires! We have worked with Hire Standard for more than 20 years!

Betty C., Client

Staffing agency Washington DC

It is my pleasure to recommend Hire Standard recruitment and temporary contractor services to all potential clients.

We sincerely appreciate the HSS response standard. Even when asked to provide ‘next day’ temporary services at 5:00 PM, we have complete confidence that a competent, professional person who meets or exceeds our criteria, will report for work when the office opens the next morning. HSS’ track record speaks for itself!

Our requests for recruiting services (for temp-to-hire or direct hires) are always met with rapid response. We can count on receiving many qualified resumes from which to make selections. HSS coordinates interview schedules and provides assurances that candidates are qualified and vetted.

We appreciate the way HSS conducts business. Sound procedures are in place to deal with all types of situations and circumstances. We never fail to be impressed at how simple it is to do business with Hire Standard. Communications between the client and HSS’ staff are always handled with complete professional courtesy by everyone on the HSS staff. We are very pleased with the excellent quality of service HSS provides. It is a pleasure to express our satisfaction.

Karen M., Client
Government Contracting Firm, DC

Staffing Agency Northern Virginia I would like to take this time to formally thank the exceptional team at Hire Standard for all of their help, patience and quick response over the past 9 months of working with our company. They successfully recruited two candidates for demanding positions. Both candidates were not only skilled, but very professional and kind-hearted individuals. They have always reported to work on time and I have received pleasant comments and reviews on their professionalism.

I want to also express my deepest gratitude to these recruiters! I was searching for temporary agencies that actually HAD employees with Top Secret security clearances – as opposed to companies with a database of possible candidates. Once I called Hire Standard, Helen took the ball and ran with it, providing several qualified candidates quickly. She was really patient with us because sometimes our Vice Presidents don’t know what they actually want until they start interviewing! She and the Hire Standard team hung right in there with me and I want to thank them for that.

This is just my way of saying that sometimes we don’t understand what we actually have, particularly in our fast-paced world of business. I hope other clients understand what an asset they have with Hire Standard. I will definitely call on them for their assistance again and know they will go “above and beyond” to take care of us.

Lydia C., Client
Management Consulting Firm

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