Our output at work is important, our work ethics, commitment, adaptability, and we take a lot of care to make sure our presentations look great but what about how you present yourself?

It is  amazing people take the time to look nice for dinners, weddings, dates, etc. but do not take into account that the workplace is also an occasion to put your best foot forward. True, work environments are different and some require a more business professional look, while others a more business casual approach. However, whether business professional or business casual, it is important to make sure you are put together well. Obviously, suits should fit well, should be clean and well pressed. As far as business casual is concerned, you should take a cue from the “business” part of the term. Business casual wear does not have to be complicated and buying pieces for this look can be very beneficial to your wardrobe. You can buy pieces that could work for several different outfits, so unlike suits, these pieces can really be an investment. You can mix and match pieces to create a more “dressed down” look or create a more “dressy” one. It could expand your wardrobe choices and depending upon the pieces you buy (including accessories), you can even incorporate the pieces into a more business professional look as well.

Doing a good job and looking pulled together while you do it, shows respect for your customers, clients and employers too. It shows that you put some thought into your own presentation and took care to dress accordingly. It does not take a lot of extra time or money to look presentable and multiple pieces can work for multiple outfits. It does make a difference that you look as good as the good work you produce.