The staffing agency calls and presents a possible opportunity. You are excited/interested (at least that is the message you convey), so the agency submits your resume to the client. You are even scheduled to have a phone interview or in person interview. And then…the agency cannot reach you again to confirm the interviews or even get feedback after the interviews. Where are you?!

If you are serious about the job search and present yourself as available to an agency, make sure you actually are. The agency can only do their best if you are open and honest about your current situation. It is not only unprofessional to disappear but a non-responsive stance can harm your relationship with the agency as well. You need to communicate with recruiters regularly as things change on your end. The more the agency knows about what is taking place in your job search and your current situation, the more likely they will be able to coordinate with you. Keep them updated about what is happening, such as other scheduled interviews (that are not through the agency), anything that is happening that might make you unavailable for a while or any other job offers you have received. If the staffing agency cannot reach you or if you do not respond quickly, the opportunity will be passed onto another available candidate and you may have missed a job placement.

Sometimes, things do happen all at once. You may have interviews/job offers that may overlap with the opportunities from the agency. Again, work alongside your agency to work out the details. But remember, whichever opportunity you decide to take, make sure you do not keep either party waiting. Both sides have schedules and agendas to meet, so please be considerate! It is never a good idea to string anybody along. You may end up losing both opportunities during the process and besides, either you want one and not the other or vice versa. Make sure you are decisive. There will be pros and cons on either side.

Remember, the staffing agency is your representative and connection to opportunities with clients. You need to make sure you are just as diligent in making sure everything is in place with them, as you are when conducting your own job search. After all, a working relationship needs both parties to work together.