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Helen H., CEO of
Hire Standard Staffing

Posted February 2018
We are sitting down with Helen and chatting about how staffing agencies can determine what kind of clients are best for their business.

Q: There are many staffing agencies out there that support various industries. How did you determine which type of industry suited your company’s needs?

A: Our clients have helped determine our industry and specialty areas. When a client asks, “Can you source an individual with this experience who has those particular skills who will fit our corporate culture?” we accommodate them, if possible. Client needs drive recruiting and recruiting results drive revenue. There is also a size-related component here: we are so service-centric that it’s important we work with companies of like minds….some want to see a cast of thousands, and our forte is presenting a few top performers.

Q: Is it a good idea to have a niche or is it a good idea to support a lot of different industries/position requests?

A: Great question! I guess each company has to decide where they excel….if the company specializes in everything, they really specialize in nothing. Everyone wants to be a specialist now. But if the client works with the recruiting partner who is in their niche, and the recruiters are not successful, where does the client turn for help? A good recruiter may not be a specialist in your area, but knowing how to recruit is most important.

Q: Different industries (government, non-profit, association, corporations) require different types of candidates. Do you feel this is where a “culture fit” is particularly important when narrowing down candidates?

A: Culture fit is the baseline determining factor for most organizations, and understanding who will “fit” where takes a considerable amount of effort. It is equally important that the both the employer and candidate feel at home working together. This can be challenging because things are not always the way the client describes them to be. We become like detectives, trying to ferret out what the real expectations are and who will be able to perform well in that environment, with that particular supervisor, in that location, etc. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Q: Obviously, different industries have their own particular needs/challenges when it comes to recruiting. What is the biggest common thread across industries in terms of filling a vacancy?

A: At the risk of sounding repetitious, I think that common thread you refer to is the need to find an employee who does fit the company’s culture. At Hire Standard, we spend lots of time “drilling down” with candidates to uncover their motivations, their goals, what gives them a sense of accomplishment, their timeline for anticipating increased responsibilities, their appetite for challenge or routine, and their ability to handle criticism or disruption. Once we understand the mechanisms driving the candidate, we can determine the culture they’ll excel in.

Q: What is the most interesting job order you received from a potential client?

A: The most interesting request from a client….well, they are all interesting but one really stands out. Hire Standard was asked to help find an assistant for one of the world’s wealthiest and best-known entrepreneurs…someone whose commitment to technology has changed the world. It was a thrilling experience with multiple hurdles to overcome. Our success in meeting the challenges the client presented says so much about our team’s commitment. Ironically, the culture and work environment which appeared from the outside to be unique, turned out to be predictable. At the end of the day, we are still connecting humans with other humans, knowing they will be part of each other’s lives in a symbiotic relationship. Our work is never boring, and frequently entertaining!

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