Job boards, such as Monster and CareerBuilder, have been losing popularity. PBS News reported that, in 2012, Monster was the source of only 1.3 percent of hires, and CareerBuilder was the source of only 1.2 percent of hires, according to employers. Companies are frustrated with the time-consuming and inefficient screening of hundreds of resumes. Additionally, the impersonal factor means that limited information is obtainable from a resume in terms of a candidate’s cultural fit.

HR.BLR.comreports on innovative recruiting efforts that some companies are implementing to try to find the most committed and successful hires. These companies are using social media and the online environment to attract and evaluate potential candidates. The tactics allow the companies to develop a relationship with the candidate before deciding to pursue them.

  • Zappos has eliminated traditional job postings, such as those seen on LinkedIn and Monster, and is using existing staff as advocates and recruiters. Potential candidates are expected to reach out to Zappos employees via social media and demonstrate their desire to work for the company. Recruiters for Zappos are actively blogging so that applicants have a point of contact and a target to impress. Zappos is also hosting online contests and question and answer sessions.
  • Amazon recently announced a policy of paying workers to quit. This strategy was adopted to remove disgruntled workers who can be a liability for companies in the social media environment. Companies want employees to post positive comments that will boost, not damage, their employer reputation.
  • General Motors has implemented a “silver medalists” program. This is a policy of maintaining relationships with the runners-up of job openings and establishing a pool of qualified candidates for future positions. Recruiters keep in touch with these “silver medalists” through social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

These new recruitment strategies require significant HR investment and staff time. However, with CareerBuilder reporting that over 50 percent of the world’s employers claiming that bad hires negatively impacted their businesses’ revenue or productivity, it might be worth incorporating some similar social media strategies into your recruitment.

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