Your company’s new information technology hire may be the best JAVA programmer within a 100 mile radius. He may have won the latest Google coding competition, but if he is the only introvert in an open-plan, socially-engaged office environment, he may only increase your staff turnover ratio and not your ROI.

A diverse workforce can leverage your human capital assets and increase your company’s market competitiveness.  But successful recruiting depends on hiring the right staff for a particular environment and not all personalities will fit.  Personality fit with respect to a job candidate results in higher levels of productivity and staff morale. Staffing longevity is the goal; an experienced recruiter is able to discern those candidates who will fit and who will remain with your company.

A study by Cubiks examined the role of cultural fit in more than 500 companies from 54 countries. The study found that 82 percent of the companies surveyed considered cultural fit to be important and almost 100 percent agreed that cultural fit is not just a trend. However, despite this, the study also demonstrated that fifty percent of those companies have not defined their own corporate culture. To hire new recruits that culturally fit you need to define your corporate culture.  To define your culture (and to successfully recruit) the following points can help:

  • Determine your corporate culture; examine corporate strategy, marketing materials, and policies.
  • Evaluate your current staffing and the working environment.  Look at personalities, diversity, and working styles. Determine what type of individual you need and understand what type of person would enjoy the position.
  • Resumes are not effective in determining cultural fit; try behavioral interviewing techniques. Behavioral interviews reveal a candidate’s values, preferences, and how they have worked in the past.
  • Face-to-face interviews, personality questionnaires, and assessment centers are typical recruitment tools used to measure cultural fit, but a cultural questionnaire is more effective and it can be administered early in the hiring process.

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