Hiring suitable individuals who will remain with your company requires managing expectations. A company must be marketed as a desirable place to work, but a measure of realism can encourage cultural fit. Mark Murphy, author of “Hiring for Attitude” was interviewed by Forbes and discussed the importance of hiring according to culture. Murphy stated that 46% of new hires that he tracked failed within 18 months and 89% of the failures were because of attitude, not a lack of skill.

Cultural fit is a significant reason people leave employers, and hiring employees that don’t fit a corporate culture will increase turnover and hiring costs. A job preview is a tool to ensure that a candidate has a realistic perspective of the job to which he or she is applying and the company culture.

  • A job preview is often delivered as a presentation or a short video format before a formal interview. The preview outlines the position, with a candid overview of the functions, role, and future expectations. Any candidates who feels at that point that the job may not be suitable can decide not to interview.
  • According to Leslye Schumacher, a talent analyst, management consultant, and contributor to Talent Bits and Bytes, the use of a job preview can increase retention rates by 10 percent and can reduce the candidate pool by 15 to 36 percent. This represents savings in time, effort, and hiring costs.
  • The presentation of a job preview can improve retention rates because candidates have a realistic perspective and are prepared for the difficult aspects of the job. They are better able to cope and less likely to leave. Employees also appreciate honesty and are less likely to harbor feelings of resentment or feel deceived.
  • Use a job preview to present company culture. Introduce other employees who can narrate either a typical day at the company, or present the company team with short testimonials by employees. Present a photo tour of the office building and introduce management and key personnel in short video clips.

Whether in video, brochure, or presentation format a job preview can serve as a screening tool that will reduce employer risk and expense. It is not a marketing tool because it presents a realistic company image, not a glamorized one. Contact a Hire Standard professional for advice on creating a job preview for your hiring and screening needs.