Background CheckIn terms of staffing and recruitment costs, thorough background checking is the most crucial due diligence that a company should commit to. However, the Society for Human Resource Management suggests that credit reports may be a less favored source of background checking data in 2014. Recruiters and employers are advised to be cautious in the use of credit reports for employment purpose because restrictions are in place. Moreover, future restrictions may be introduced in the coming year.

Unless a company seeks professional legal guidance, or hires professional staffing services to conduct background checks, Business Management Daily emphasizes that the background checking process can be a risky one, and common practices such as online social media screening are potential liability time bombs. Here are some guidelines:

  • The act allows employers to conduct employment background checks in cases such as a hiring, firing, or promotion. However, the individual’s written permission is required to obtain a third party report from a consumer reporting agency (CRA) report.
  • Additionally, if subsequent action is taken that is detrimental to the person concerned, for example, they are not hired, or they are fired, the individual must be informed in writing that the reason was at least partially based on the report.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued additional guidelines that require certain procedures for criminal background checks. The so-called “ban the box” movement is designed to allow ex-offenders more opportunity to obtain employment by eliminating the requirement that they disclose a criminal background. Employers who use commercial websites and databases to check the criminal background of candidates may face additional scrutiny. The accuracy of such databases can be questionable.
  • Employers in 2014 must ensure that a background screening provider is in compliance with the FCRA, the EEOC guidelines regarding the use of criminal records, and state laws. The required steps may mean a substantially longer screening process before your hiring is complete.

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