The overall goal is the same: continue building a successful business. But, how you work to achieve those goals may be different. Which working environment fits your work style?

Some people prefer working for a larger company because there are just more people. They may enjoy being a part of a larger group, may want to attend more functions, may be it is important to make friends, etc. It can give them a sense of community. Because a larger company has a bigger payroll, there are also specific jobs people may handle for you. You may have individuals fielding phone calls, handling administrative tasks, packages/postage, scheduling, etc. You can concentrate on the specific duties at hand without having to spend time handling administrative ones. Larger companies can also offer more perks, commuting costs, medical benefits, vacations, wellness programs, higher salaries/bonuses, job advancement, etc. But because of the sheer size of the company, larger corporations may have more processes in place to accomplish certain goals, maybe things have to go through several hierarchical levels to get things approved and things may be delayed accordingly. It may also be harder to make an impression unless your supervisor is pretty proactive and is willing to help you grow. You could become just a number in a vast sea of employees. And because there are just more people overall, office drama can be an issue.

Other people prefer working for a smaller company because there are fewer people. There are less distractions and therefore, more quiet time to get things done and depending upon the co-workers, not a lot of office drama. And those that have a “work-life balance” may not place a high priority seeking a social life within the company. Their social life consists of family and close friends after work, so office functions may not be as important. However, a smaller company has fewer individuals to handle administrative tasks for you. You may have to put together packages for mailing, handle the filing/organizing, schedule meetings, etc. Smaller companies can also offer less perks, you may not be compensated for parking/commuting costs, you may or may not have full medical benefits, there may not be a wellness program, etc. But smaller companies do not have many tiers of management, so you do not have to maneuver through several hierarchical levels to get things approved and things may move more quickly. Your supervisor/boss will also know exactly what you are handling and how well you are doing, so a promotion or receiving a higher salary could come more easily. Also, you would be very involved in the overall operations of the company (depending upon your position), so multi-tasking and being able to handle a lot of different things can be fun, especially those that can utilize other skills/backgrounds to further the company’s future growth. You can wear many hats and your role within the company can grow.

In the end, it all depends upon what you are hoping to find and your work style. You have to decide where to spend your Mondays–Fridays.

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