Our pets’ reactions are purely instinctual. They are based on survival and essential needs including food, warmth, and companionship. Although many of us like to think that we have evolved beyond the animal species such as dogs and cats, there is a lot we can learn from their behavior that will help us better manage our lives, especially in times of stress.

Trust Your Instincts.
If you experience a nagging thought, listen to it. Your instincts are often right. Unless they seem irrational, don’t ignore them. If they do seem irrational, seek a third party opinion. Science Daily reported on a study by Professor Marius Usher of the School of Psychological Sciences at Tel Aviv University. Usher found that intuition allowed participants to make the correct decision in 90 percent of cases.

Be Loyal.
Loyalty is a mutual dynamic. If we are loyal to someone, they will be loyal to us, at least in theory. Choose your mentors well and follow through with promises. In doing so, mutual trust can be built that is beneficial to both parties. Loyalty persists through good times and bad and both will surely befall everyone and every business. With solid relationships built on trust, organizations and individuals are more resilient. Phyllis Korkki of The New York Times writes that the definition of loyalty can change. You can be loyal to an employer on a short- or long-term basis or as long as a project is ongoing. Loyalty to network contacts could be reciprocated by valuable referrals when you are job seeking.

Learn When to Walk Away.
Our pets instinctively know when they have over reached. A cat will abruptly stop playing and disappear for a nap, a dog will lie down and pant. In extremely stressful situations, impulsive action will lead to future regret. When you reach your boiling point, or preferably, before, walk away. Delay any decision or activity until you have had time to calm down. In 24 hours will have a different perspective and better clarity in your decision making

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