A problem that may beset employers as hiring starts to increase is lost resources associated with staff turnover. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job hopping is a trend. In January 2012, the average time in a job for a worker was just 4.6 years. For industries with a younger workforce, such as the hospitality industry, this number is even lower at 2.4 years. For employers, keeping your staff loyal may be a primary concern as the economy improves.

Nadia Goodman, contributor to Entrepreneur, recommends meeting the needs of your employees. If staff morale is high and employees find challenge in their work, they are likely to develop a level of commitment to a company and its success.

  • Seek feedback from your employees concerning work processes and poll them for ideas. Your staff are your frontline; they deal directly with the clients and customers. They provide valuable information and will appreciate a sense that they are contributing to company policy and direction. Staff want to make a difference.
  • Provide flexible work arrangements if staff require them. Many are balancing work with childcare and elderly parent care. A sense of autonomy provides a sense of control. An employer who trusts employees to be responsible will instill trust in return. Flexibility facilitates management of daily lives and reduces stress. Flexibility is required in business, it is also a requirement for those who conduct business.
  • Provide the opportunity for professional development. If an employee feels unchallenged and there is no room for growth, they will look for the next opportunity. Invest in your human resources and provide training. Alternatively, add to staff expertise and have them learn other tasks. Develop career paths so that employees can develop goals and attain them.

Develop a reputation as a company that cares about its employees. Hire sensibly and avoid lay-offs in times of economic downturn. Build loyalty and increase your visibility as a desirable employer. Offer appealing working conditions, and you will increase the level of talent that your company attracts. Contact a Hire Standard professional and let us develop a hiring strategy that works.