Stressed out employees spells trouble for an employer. Not only does morale and productivity plummet but staff turnover may increase. According to Kathryn Dill of Forbes, a study by Monster that included approximately 7,000 workers found that 42 percent had left a position on their own volition because of stress; a further 35 percent had considered the option.

When stress reaches a high enough level, staff members disengage and the situation is difficult to reverse. Some leading factors in high employee stress levels are outlined below with suggestions for employer interventions.

  • The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by Towers Watson revealed that, in the US, a lack of work-life balance was cited as the greatest cause of stress. Each worker has different needs. Seeking feedback to identify what action can help reduce stress levels can provide a strategy to alleviate staff discomfort. Flexible hours or working from home options help in many cases.
  • Research showed that US employees cited inadequate staffing and work overload as the second largest cause of stress. Review your staffing strategy and workload. Many staffing agencies, such as Hire Standard, can help you to evaluate your human resource levels and workload patterns. Hiring temporary staff during certain busy periods may help to relieve the burden on staff.
  • Dill states that other significant causes of stress include employee relationships with bosses and coworkers. Evaluate the communication culture in the workplace. If workload is not the problem, institute changes that can affect relationships, such as increased transparency and the opportunity to air grievances and suggestions. A social media platform can avoid the need for lengthy meetings.
  • Institute diversity training so that employees develop team skills and an appreciation for each other. Ensure that there is an equitable performance management system in place. The system should reward staff in the areas of corporate culture that require change, such as collaboration or innovation.

Listening to staff concerns and taking action to support them can immediately reduce stress and lift morale. Dill reports that many workers feel that their employees have a low level of understanding of their difficulties, and over 65 percent claimed that their employers do nothing to help.

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