EvaluationContract employee are part of your team. While they may not be here for the long haul like your permanent staff, they’re currently coming into the office each day and working on projects with your company’s name on them.

You probably give regular performance reviews to your permanent staff, but may think it’s pointless to go through the effort for a contractor. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time to re-think your strategy as contractors need evaluations just as much ─ or maybe even more so ─ than your permanent staff.

Benefits to the Contractor
No one walks into a new position inherently knowing exactly what to do. There’s a learning curve associated with each job. Some people require very little direction to get acclimated, while others need much more.

Performance reviews offer you the chance to let the contractor know how they’re doing, as they’ll never know what you’re thinking unless you share your thoughts. Each new job a contractor takes on is a learning experience. As their manager, you’re able to provide valuable insights on areas they excel in and those that could use improvement.

If the person is doing something really well, this is your chance to tell them to keep up the good work. Conversely, if you need them to do something better, this is a great opportunity to see if they make an extra effort to change. Someone who puts their all into doing their best work could be a great permanent hire down the road.

Finding the Best Fit
Your staffing agency does their very best to find the most aptly suited candidates both for your open positions and for your company. However, there’s no way to guarantee every contractor will be a great fit.

Sharing your performance evaluations of a contractor’s work with your staffing agency gives them an inside look at the person’s true strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a very simple, yet effective, way to convey exactly what you look for in a team member. This helps the staffing agency to gain a deep understanding of how to find the best fit for your company in the future.

Hire Standard Staffing can assist your staffing management and help you find the right fit for your company. We can provide advice on the best way to evaluate contractors, to ensure you’re always satisfied. Have additional questions? Contact us today for more information!