Employee Responsibilities

Everybody complains about the lack of responsibility that “other people” seem to lack but are you one of the culprits? Maybe your lack of responsibility is impeding your career growth or maybe giving you a less than good image at work. You may have good skills and may do a good job. However, how you handle yourself is just as important as the work you produce. Doing a great job and handling yourself well go hand-in-hand. You really cannot have one without the other. Your supervisor and co-workers need to know you are a team player and are reliable. When Read More

What are the Benefits of going Temporary to Full-Time?

The recent economic recession has caused a boom in the hiring of contingent workers and the transformation of temporary workers to full time employees. In an article by Forbes, a leading New York staffing firm claims that 70 percent of people in temporary positions are ultimately hired on a full-time basis. Companies are recognizing the benefits that temp-to-hire arrangements can provide in terms of finding and hiring qualified staff. The quality of temporary staff is increasing as more people are entering the contingent workforce. The current labor market, family obligations, or personal growth forces many to adopt unconventional working arrangements. Read More

How to Evaluate Your Contract Employees

Contract employee are part of your team. While they may not be here for the long haul like your permanent staff, they’re currently coming into the office each day and working on projects with your company’s name on them. You probably give regular performance reviews to your permanent staff, but may think it’s pointless to go through the effort for a contractor. Sound familiar? If so, it’s time to re-think your strategy as contractors need evaluations just as much ─ or maybe even more so ─ than your permanent staff. Benefits to the Contractor No one walks into a new Read More

Certegy to pay $3.5 Million in Fines

A growing number of companies are realizing the need for due diligence with respect to background checks for new staff. A thorough background check, as discussed in our recent blog post, often requires the investigation of credit report and financial information. However, not all companies that provide such information are reputable and reliable. A recent Fair Credit Reporting Act settlement is of interest to companies and recruiters who may use the services of Certegy Check Services Inc., as part of their background check process. Cetergy, one of the largest check authorization service companies, was ordered to pay $3.5 million in Read More