Hire Right! Hire Standard’s Best Hiring Practices

How can you (the hiring company and future employer) increase your odds of making a successful hire? There are so many considerations, combined with the pressure to fill a vacancy that companies risk-making decisions that can backfire. We suggest reviewing these guidelines for improvement. ESTABLISH A HIRING SYSTEM AND STICK WITH IT Avoid the pitfalls of hiring quickly without a structured system. Does your company have a step-by- step approach to filling your needs? Decide who should be included at which point in your process, and definitely avoid “decision by committee”, particularly when reviewing resumes. SELECT ONE SPOKESPERSON TO REPRESENT Read More

Hiring the Best Employee Doesn’t Always Mean Hiring the Most Qualified

Although a candidate may be the best qualified, they may fail if they lack traits that will assimilate with existing organizational culture. Erika Anderson of Forbes writes that almost 90 percent of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit. Therefore, in addition to screening resumes for the required qualifications and experience, applicants must also be screened for desirable work styles and values. A manager hired because of a proven track record in aggressive business deals might be faced with a laid back, accommodating work force. Any attempt to cultivate more direct, offensive tactics to increase business productivity are likely Read More