The Intersection of HR and Artificial Intelligence

Algorithm-powered devices (Artificial Intelligence/ AI) are being successfully used in numerous business applications, but what about HUMAN RESOURCES? Intelligent Assistants or “chatbots” simulate human conversation for recruiting and HR-related transactions and are being harnessed by numerous companies with mixed results. In a recent survey of 400 Chief Human Resources Officers by IBM, over half agreed that AI has the power to transform human resources, but the early results are mixed. On the plus side, AI programs, chatbots and virtual assistants used in human resource departments can improve efficiency by: reducing information overload focusing on a smaller candidate pool to improve Read More

I Just Need a Minute! What to do When Employees are Nearing Their Breaking Point

Stressed out employees spells trouble for an employer. Not only does morale and productivity plummet but staff turnover may increase. According to Kathryn Dill of Forbes, a study by Monster that included approximately 7,000 workers found that 42 percent had left a position on their own volition because of stress; a further 35 percent had considered the option. When stress reaches a high enough level, staff members disengage and the situation is difficult to reverse. Some leading factors in high employee stress levels are outlined below with suggestions for employer interventions. The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey by Towers Watson revealed Read More