The Intersection of HR and Artificial Intelligence

Algorithm-powered devices (Artificial Intelligence/ AI) are being successfully used in numerous business applications, but what about HUMAN RESOURCES? Intelligent Assistants or “chatbots” simulate human conversation for recruiting and HR-related transactions and are being harnessed by numerous companies with mixed results. In a recent survey of 400 Chief Human Resources Officers by IBM, over half agreed that AI has the power to transform human resources, but the early results are mixed. On the plus side, AI programs, chatbots and virtual assistants used in human resource departments can improve efficiency by: reducing information overload focusing on a smaller candidate pool to improve Read More

Three Managerial Instincts You Can Learn From Your Pets

Our pets’ reactions are purely instinctual. They are based on survival and essential needs including food, warmth, and companionship. Although many of us like to think that we have evolved beyond the animal species such as dogs and cats, there is a lot we can learn from their behavior that will help us better manage our lives, especially in times of stress. Trust Your Instincts. If you experience a nagging thought, listen to it. Your instincts are often right. Unless they seem irrational, don’t ignore them. If they do seem irrational, seek a third party opinion. Science Daily reported on Read More