Hire Right! Hire Standard’s Best Hiring Practices

How can you (the hiring company and future employer) increase your odds of making a successful hire? There are so many considerations, combined with the pressure to fill a vacancy that companies risk-making decisions that can backfire. We suggest reviewing these guidelines for improvement. ESTABLISH A HIRING SYSTEM AND STICK WITH IT Avoid the pitfalls of hiring quickly without a structured system. Does your company have a step-by- step approach to filling your needs? Decide who should be included at which point in your process, and definitely avoid “decision by committee”, particularly when reviewing resumes. SELECT ONE SPOKESPERSON TO REPRESENT Read More

Why Google and YOU Don’t Need to Hire the Top College Graduates

Tom Friedman of the New York Times, interviewed Laszlo Block in February 2014. Block is personnel chief at Google, and shared his perspectives with Friedman concerning Google’s lauded staffing success. The company is renowned for its hiring expertise and exceptionally talented employees. Google’s hiring policy does not rely on impressive GPAs, Ivy League schools, and the results of cognitive reasoning skills tests. Block emphasizes that the truly impressive candidates are those who have succeeded without a prestigious college education. Think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, who were all famous college dropouts. An article by Max Nisen of Quartz Read More