Hire Right! Hire Standard’s Best Hiring Practices

How can you (the hiring company and future employer) increase your odds of making a successful hire? There are so many considerations, combined with the pressure to fill a vacancy that companies risk-making decisions that can backfire. We suggest reviewing these guidelines for improvement. ESTABLISH A HIRING SYSTEM AND STICK WITH IT Avoid the pitfalls of hiring quickly without a structured system. Does your company have a step-by- step approach to filling your needs? Decide who should be included at which point in your process, and definitely avoid “decision by committee”, particularly when reviewing resumes. SELECT ONE SPOKESPERSON TO REPRESENT Read More

Employers Confirm They Plan to Hire an Increasing Number of College Graduates

A survey by The Chronicle of Higher Educationconducted in 2013, found that one half of employers polled experienced a dearth of recent graduates with adequate skills. The skills cited include the ability to adapt, problem solve, and communicate effectively. Despite this, Nanci Hellmich of USA Today offers encouraging news for college graduates job seeking in a gloomy market. A survey by Harris Poll, conducted for Careerbuilder, included over 2,000 HR managers and professionals from various industries. The results show that 57 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire college graduates, which is up five percent from 2012 and up 44 Read More