Do you maintain the proper contact with your staffing agency?

The staffing agency calls and presents a possible opportunity. You are excited/interested (at least that is the message you convey), so the agency submits your resume to the client. You are even scheduled to have a phone interview or in person interview. And then…the agency cannot reach you again to confirm the interviews or even get feedback after the interviews. Where are you?! If you are serious about the job search and present yourself as available to an agency, make sure you actually are. The agency can only do their best if you are open and honest about your current Read More

First Impressions Matter – Even After You’re Hired!

Professionalism should be a character trait. Landing a job implies that your first impressions were of a standard that exceeded your competition; however, complacency as a new recruit is dangerous. You are likely to be under scrutiny for a considerable time after you have come on board. According to Kristi Hedges of Forbes, during the first weeks, both the new hire and the company are assessing each other, and some companies are prepared to fire employees who fail to meet expectations. First impressions after you are hired can set the tone for the foreseeable future. Come up to speed quickly Read More