Cliques and the Workplace

We all have the freedom to choose our friends. It is natural for people to get along with some and not really “click” with others. We all interact with individuals/groups and make connections, which is a normal part of life. We share close bonds with some and others we call acquaintances because relationships/intimacy levels are different. Because we will always have closer relationships with some and not with others, how do we handle these “friendships/groups/cliques” in the workplace? The workplace is a completely different environment altogether. How should you handle the fine line of belonging to a group while maintaining Read More

HIRING MANAGERS: Simple Tips to Improve Your Results

Hiring is up, unemployment rates are close to an all-time low, your social media and job placement sites are buzzing with activity, yet you have not made a hire. What gives? And how can you get better hiring results without lowering your standards? Hire Standard’s analysis of successful hiring manager habits shows that small changes can bring big rewards. Think of your recruiting process as a sprint, not a marathon, and you are likely to get and hold the interest of qualified candidates. SIMPLIFY YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION: Hiring managers are approaching PDs using recession-era techniques when a “laundry list” of Read More

Hot Topics in Today’s Workplaces: The Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap between males and females doing the same job has been an issue for years – an issue that some companies refuse to address. But while those companies hide their heads in the sand, many employers are making significant effort to change these numbers. April 14 th is known as “Equal Pay Day” – the day that marks how far into the new year American women would have to work to earn what the average American man did in the previous year. It seems ridiculous that we still have this disparity, right? In the 1980’s, women who worked Read More

Washington DC Hiring Outlook for 2014 – What Can You Expect?

A promising 13 percent of Washington D.C. area technology executives expect to add to their IT teams during the first half of 2014, according to recently released reports. The survey noted that 85 percent of Washington D.C. area CIOs were hopeful their companies would experience growth during the first half of the new year, and 68 percent believed their firms would be following through on plans to invest in IT projects. An overwhelming 65 percent of CIOs surveyed said it can be difficult to find skilled IT professionals today, especially those experienced in software development, networking, and database

Minimizing Hiring Costs for Businesses

by Helen Hopkins, President, Hire Standard  & Blue Zebra Now that the economic engine is sputtering back to life, companies tell us they need to hire but are hamstrung by budget concerns. Many companies have squeezed as much as they can out of existing staff and must add new talent – but executives are still approaching spending with a conservative eye. How can your company bridge the gap? Try these cost-conscious solutions that you can implement quickly. Set Realistic Goals for the Time and Money: Finding a great Staff Accountant will take more than one day, but should not take Read More

2012 Hiring Trends in the DC Area

Washington DC is a unique job marketplace, drawing lots of recent grads and relocations from other geographical areas. We’ve gotten the reputation of being a hotbed of hiring activity during the recession, but why are we still seeing so many unemployed job seekers? Hire Standard recognizes a disparity between the experience and expectations of the candidate and the needs of clients planning to hire. As recognized in the report recently released by Wanted Analytics, the highest demand in DC is for technology positions. Five of the top ten occupations were tech-related (systems analysts, network administrators, software engineers, etc.). Posted vacancies Read More